Monday 6 April 2015

One year of - A short journey explained

Today is April 6th, 2015 and completes one year. I started it as a personal blog to keep all problems and their solutions after I started using Linux. With no intentions of making any money from the blog and marketing it, I still managed to get a good number of visitors. The number are not so big for me, but then I never concentrated on technicalities like Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Effect blah blah. 

BeOpenSource started as a way for me to thank Open Source and Linux World. When I wrote my first article The human knowledge belongs to the world, the main inspiration behind it was the fact that for an Operating System (Windows 7), I had paid a good amount and the license still restricted me not to share it with anyone. I mean why I should not.

Do Windows always make a Windows 7 dvd from the scratch starting from the development, testing and build and release? No, I believe. They worked on the first release, create thousands of copies and sell them at the same cost. The human efforts were only for the first time they developed it. And then they don't allow you to change anything you bought, or share it with your dad. I may sound awkward but this is the main reason for the growth of a parallel work, the Open Source World. 

Open Source ensures you receive anything from Operating System, Drivers, Softwares free and you have the right to copy, modify, redistribute and use it the way you want. I won't go into this, since if you are reading this article, you already is an open source enthusiast and must have more knowledge than me :) 

Okay, coming back to one year journey. After my first words on the blog, The human knowledge belongs to the world, I wrote another article defining Open source and distribution terms. Then I tried Booting Ubuntu from USB and DVD without installing it, and find it very much competitive to Windows along with the fact that it was free and open. 

In a day or two, I realized that I don't want to use a USB or DVD each time, and installed Linux Ubuntu in Oracle Virtual Machine. I faced the Blank screen after entering password on Login and once I got over it with perfectly installed and working Ubuntu in my system on a Virtual Box, I switched to a complete installation along with Windows. I didn't want to remove windows since I had already paid for it. 

I tried other Linux distributions - Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian and RedHat. If you ask me, Debian was the best for me. 

I even used Open source owns the web infographic from and Liz Mills allowed me to publish her words Linux Mint - from freedom came elegance on beOpenSource. 

The journey for the first year is not so big, but yes it is satisfying. I made some money from showing some ads that helped buy the domain for another year and pay my internet bills. 

BeOpenSource will continue for another year, and with the help of others may even grow bigger. If you have anything under your head that can benefit the open source/ Linux world, feel free to mail me at and it will be here. :) Thank you, thanks a lot guys. I have learned a lot in the time and yet, a lot still is pending. Take care. 



  1. Hi Ambarish,
    congratulations for successfully completing one year of beopensource.
    hope to see more post in future.
    all the best

  2. Congratulations ambrish..for completing one year of beopensource..all the best for your future...

  3. I have been reading ths blog frm a month and its helping me when I get problem while using Linux. Tutorials are good and helpful.. this is a great blog for those who are interested in Linux..Good going Ambarish...waiting for more post..good luck :)

  4. Congrats Ambarish....your efforts are highly appreciated and all the best for future..