Tuesday 8 April 2014

Try Ubuntu without installing - Booting from USB / DVD

Ubuntu logoDo not want to lose your Windows OS configuration and still want to try Linux Ubuntu? You can try Ubuntu without installing it on your hard drive through live DVD or through a USB stick say Pen Drive.

Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux distribution and if you are new to Linux, it is most probably the best distro for you. You will have to deal with very less command works and the Graphical User Interface is just perfect. 

But before you can use it, you need to download a copy of Ubuntu from its website Download Ubuntu here. After you download a .iso file, burn it on a DVD drive or on a USB stick.

Try Ubuntu without Installing - Booting from DVD

Step 1: Put the DVD into your DVD drive and restart your computer. You need to select CD-ROM drive as your booting preference.

In windows, restart your computer. Press F12 and you will enter the BIOS set up utility. The key may be different for different vendors and you can figure it out on your own.

Try Ubuntu without Installing - Booting from DVD

Select CD-ROM Drive as your booting option. Now as soon as you restart your system again, your system will boot with the live ubuntu DVD.

Step 2: The Install window appears on your screen. Choose your preferred language, You can either Install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu.

Try Ubuntu without Installing - Booting from DVD

Try Ubuntu without Installing - Booting from USB

Step 1: You need to change your boot device order in order to boot from a usb device. The process is same as the step 1 of booting from DVD device.

After changing the boot device order, and preferring USB, your system will restart showing the Install Window on your screen. Select your language and try Ubuntu.

How to choose boot order

In most cases, you will able to do it by pressing F12 key or Escape key when your system starts and making changes in the Boot menu.

In case this do not work, watch out for the information displayed on the welcome screen when your system starts.

Even if you don't find any sign of opening Boot menu, try Google.


Most newer computers come with the facility to boot from a USB device. In case you are not finding USB device option in your boot menu, chances are that your machine do not support booting from usb device. You can then switch to Booting from DVD.

So, are you giving a try? Waiting to hear from you. 


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