Sunday 26 May 2019

Install Elementary Tweak in Elementary OS

Elementary Tweaks is a great way to customize your Elementary OS. Some options like minimizing a window or changing the setting for opening a file with double click is missing by default and can be changed by Elementary Tweaks.

Elementary Tweak

There are various other settings which it provides and in the article we will  see how to install Elementary Tweaks and then how we can use it to get a better experience.

How to install Elementary Tweaks

To install Elementary Tweaks in Elementary OS, open Terminal and type the below commands. You can find terminal in the Application section if you have not already added it to the dock or open it with Ctrl + Alt + T.

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common 
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:philip.scott/elementary-tweaks 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks
This will install Elementary Tweaks in your system.

Once done, you can open the Elementary Tweaks - options by Selecting System Settings in Application, and then clicking on Tweaks under Personal Tab.

Elementary Tweak

Now, lets see what all features are there and how you can use Elementary Tweaks. It provides a number of options to customize the OS.

1. Appearance : In the appearance section, you can choose GTK+ setting, Icons, Cursor and can select a dark variant. Under Windows Controls, you can decide if you want to enable a minimize button and where to place it. Select the options for Layout and you can see a minimize button. You can select either to show GNOME menu.

2. Font : Under the Font option, you can select the default font and size and the same for Document, Monospace, and Titlebar.

3. Animations : Animations tab gives you an option to enable/disable animation and the duration for which you want it to play for several activities like Open, Close, SNap, Minimize and Workspace switch. If you are running low on specification, its always good to disable it. 

4. Miscellaneous : Miscellaneous tab contains the max volume you want to use for your system. 

5. Files : Under Files tab, you can select whether you want to open a file with a single click (which is by default), or with double click. There is option to choose Date format too.

6. Launcher : Under launcher section, there are options to select rows and columns for Launcher and if you want to show category by default.

7. Cerbere : Cerbere gives and option to choose from Wingpanel or Plank.

8. Terminal : In Terminal tab, you can customize various options for your Terminal like the background color, copy paste settings, following last tab and unsafe paste alert.

9. Videos : Videos tab gives you options like to stay on top while playing a video or to stop a video from playing instantly.

Installing Elementary tweaks is the first thing I do if I install a fresh copy of the OS and upgraded / updated it. The fact that it contains a dark theme mode - which is very useful in using my system at night, and an option to have a minimize button is a great thing!

Tip : Steps to install Elementary OS in VirtualBox

Have you used Elementary tweaks? Let us in the comments. Also, if you are facing any issues while installation, let us know.

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