Sunday 26 May 2019

How to install Elementary OS in VirtualBox

Elementary OS is a beautiful and powerful Linux distribution that required low maintenance and can run on even low end hardware. It's lightweight, fast and provides a complete different look with a dock and application menu.

Elementary OS has its own app store named AppCenter that promises to deliver native, open source apps. You can search for new apps and install them, or update an existing one. It ships with a number of daily use application for Music, Epiphany for browsing web, Mail, Photos and Videos, a File manager, Terminal and much more.

You can explore application in grid option or categories or just search the app you are looking for in the search option.

The Desktop consists of two parts, the Panel which consists of Application, clock and indicators. The Dock contains your favorite application and you can add any of them to the Dock by right clicking on an application.

Recommended System Requirements

Elementary OS can run on a very lightweight system. However, for a smooth use, below are the system requirements for Elementary OS: 

  • Intel i3 or equivalent dual-core 64-bit processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 15 GB of storage


You can grab a copy of Elementary OS from its download site :

The amount listed is a donation thing and you can type 0$ if you want it for free. The latest release as of now is elementary os 0.4.1.


In this section we will see how to install Elementary OS. I am using a VirtualBox for this tutorial but the article applies for installing elementary OS standalone on a drive or for dual booting with Windows.

Before we can install Elementary OS, you will need to set up Virtual Box.

Once you boot with the ISO downloaded, the OS will load and you see the option to either try out Elementary OS or Install it. Click on Install elementary to proceed with the installation. 

Next Install screen asks your preferences if you want to download the updates while installation and weather to install third party software for graphics and Wi-fi, Flash, MP3 and other media. 

It's better to tick both the options, so that you won't have do it manually later. 

In the next screen "Installation type", select "Erase disk and install elementary" as we have created a new a Virtual Drive. This won't affect our primary drive. 

Selecting it will give a prompt saying the disk will be formatted. Click on Continue.

The next screen asks you to select your location. Click on the place where you are residing and it will pick up the timezone. 

Select your keyboard layout. 

The next step asks you for your primary login credentials set up and your device name. 

Once you fill it out and click on Continue, the installation process begins. It will take some time for downloading and installation of Elementary OS. Grab a popcorn till then ;)

A window will pop-up notifying you the completion of installation.

Restart your system and you will see the login screen. You can login with the user you have created. The other user is a guest user who can login without any password but can't make any changes to the system. It's very effective when someone is in need of using your system but you don't want them to change something.

Once you verify your credentials, you can see a pretty desktop screen with a Dock in middle. 

Enjoy your experience with Elementary OS!

Let us know in the comments if you are facing any issue while installing Elementary OS in VirtualBox. I'd be happy to help you!


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