Sunday 1 June 2014

How to transform your Linux into Mac OS X

Linux is free and open and has various graphical desktop environments to suit your preference and need. However, if you have been a Mac user for a long time and has migrated to a Linux environment, and still want to enjoy the Mac OS X look and feel, Macbuntu is for you. 

Macbuntu is a Mac OS X transformation pack for Linux. It is an open source project designed to transform Linux appearance and layout into a Mac OS X environment. Although, Macbuntu is largely dedicated to Ubuntu, it can be used in other Debian based Linux Operating Systems.

Features of Macbuntu

Macbuntu significantly transforms your Linux environment to that of a Mac OS X environment. Simple to use and giving the pleasure of Mac on a 100% Linux environment, its popular among the user who do not want to get away with the Mac GUI but want to experience the power of a Linux system. 

Macbuntu provides its own sound themes and includes Paw-OSX and Paw-Ubuntu Plymouth theme. Extensive work has has been done to incorporate Mac OSX backgrounds and fonts. Login screens, cursors, icons, docky and top panel has all been imitated to that of a Mac environment. 

How to install Macbuntu on a Linux system. 

Extract the .tar.gz file you have downloaded on your desktop and run it. You can read how How to install from a .tar.gz file in Linux.

Follow the instruction and you are done. 

You have successfully transformed your Linux into Mac OS X. [It's just a transformation pack much like you get a Windows 7 transformation pack for XP].

Note: Sourceforge mentions that it is not compatible with Ubuntu Netbook edition and The Global Menu does not current work correctly for all applications.


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