Thursday 29 May 2014

Krusader File Manager for Linux OS

Krusader is an advanced orthodox file manager for KDE and other Unix/Linux environment similar to GNOME or Midnight Commander for Linux or Total Commander for Windows. Krusader is developed by the Krusader Krew and is published under GNU General Public License. Krusader's user interface is based on orthodox file manager which has two windows called panels where either one of the panel is active and the other is inactive.

Main features of Krusader File Manager
Extensive archive handling

Mounted file system support

File transfer with FTP

Advance search modules

Internal viewer and Editor

Directory Synchronization

File content comparisons

Powerful batch renaming

File encryption and decryption

Built in disk usage tool etc.

Supporting a wide variety of archive formats, Krusader file manager is highly customizable, user friendly and have a pleasant look.

Installing Krusader on various Linux Distributions

Debian, Ubuntu, Mepis

apt-get install krusader


yum install krusader


urpmi krusader


emerge krusader

You can download the stable and beta version of Krusader file manager get-krusader.

Download krusader documentation pdf file

Krusader has a detailed documentation and you can download the pdf documentation here


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