Thursday 24 April 2014

Removing Applications in Linux Mint

Removing Applications in Linux Mint is an easy process. In the process of using an operating system, you install packages / applications and when your job is done, you want to remove them to free up the resources they are handling.

In Linux Mint, removing an application is a click away. There are 3 different ways to remove an application in Linux Mint - Right Click method, using apt command and using the Synaptic manager.

Removing Application in Linux Mint.

Method 1: Using Right Click method.

This is the easiest method to remove an Application in Linux mint. Simply highlight the application which you want to un-install in the menu, right click on it and select "Uninstall".

The menu finds the packages related to the application you selected. Click on "remove" and you are done.

Method 2: Using Synaptic Manager.

Synaptic Manager is the graphical way to remove any application.

Open the Menu. Select "Package Manager". Search for the application you want to remove. Select mark for removal and click on apply.

Removing Applications in Linux Mint

Method 3: Using command line.

You can use the command line to remove any application using apt.

Open terminal from the menu and type the following command

apt remove <package-name>

Removing Applications in Linux Mint

In the above screenshot, since there is no opera installed on my system, so not removed. 
Note: You cannot use both Synaptic and apt command at the same time. Synaptic uses apt in the background so you cannot use both simultaneously.

Removing applications that you do not require anymore will free up your space and resources.


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