Wednesday 17 May 2017

GPD Pocket : a 7-inch Laptop running Ubuntu

I was searching for a less than 10-inch Laptop which is easier to carry, has a long battery life and comes with a configuration that can run Ubuntu / Mint smoothly. Since, Unity is the most resource hungry DE, anything which can run it can pretty much run any other Linux distribution. There was not much option for below 10-inch screen, but found some Asus and Acer laptops within 10-11 inch screen size running on Atom processor and a mediocre specification. 

Though cheap, I was not satisfied with the hardware and the search led to GPD Pocket fund raising on Indiegogo.

GPD Pocket had started a crowd funding for a 7-inch laptop that fits in the pocket with a decent hardware running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS out of the box. The product is still in Prototype state and believed to release in June 2017. The funding has crossed the required numbers!

Running on Intel Atom x7-Z8750 1.6 GHz quad core processor, the GPD Pocket has 7-inch IPS Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen display. It has a 128 GB solid state drive and 8 GB of RAM. It will feature a full qwerty keyboard with a track ball and two buttons for left and right clicks. 

GPD Pocket features a silver uni body made of magnesium alloy and includes a 7000 mAh battery to run for about 12 hours without any charging. The laptop comes with active cooling design and supports HDMI cable to connect to other display monitor. 

The retail price for GPD Pocket is US $599 with a special Indiegogo price of US $399 and it will start shipping worldwide in the month of June. 

Pros : 

1. A uni body magnesium alloy gives it a premium look.

2. It has a compact 7-inch size weighing just 480g, easy to carry and use. 

3. With a resolution of 1920x1200 and 324 pixel per inch, the screen is crispy and Corning Gorilla Glass gives it a premium touch. 

4. Built in speakers and support for Microphone, 1 USB Type-C and 1 year warranty for Device and Charger. 


1. 7-inch screen size may not be sufficient. May hurt your eyes if you work for longer. 

2. Keyboard is too compact and needs some practice to type fast. 

3. Price is high. in $500, you can get a nice laptop and install Ubuntu. 

My Opinion : Since I was searching for a laptop with decent specification and less than 10-inch screen, I am going to buy one. 

What do you think, will you buy one for your self? Let me know in the comments. 


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