Wednesday 23 November 2016

Fedora 25 released with GNOME 3.22 and Linux Kernel 4.8

Fedora 25
Fedora 25

Fedora Project has announced the launch of Fedora 25 which runs on Linux Kernel 4.8 and comes with GNOME 3.22. Fedora 25 comes with next-generation Wayland display server on the workstation edition replacing the legacy X11 system to provide a better and smoother graphical experience. It's released in 3 editions - Workstation, Serve and Atomic Host. Atomic Host is the replacement for Fedora Cloud. The latest update provides many bug fixes and enhancements including: 

  • Docker 1.12 container for packaging your application into a standardized unit for software development
  • Node.js 6.9.1 - latest version of server side javascript engine for building fast and scalable network applications 
  • Support for Rust - another stable and fast programming language 
  • Multiple Python versions 

The Fedora Project is an open source Linux Distribution which is community-driven and is sponsored by Red Hat Inc. Fedora 25 is a stable release and focused on truly open source software. By default, it comes with GNOME 3.22 desktop environment.

The Fedora Workstation introduces the Wayland display server replacing the legacy X11 to give the users a better graphical experience and capabilities for modern graphics hardware. It makes easier for the Windows and Mac OS X users to switch to Fedora by including Fedora Media Writer which helps user to find and download the current Fedora release and write it to removable disks and USB to test and use it. You can then install Fedora 25 in Virtual Box or along with Windows 10. 

If you are already running Fedora 24, it's easier for you to upgrade Fedora 24 to Fedora 25.

You can get Fedora 25 from the official site :

Atomic host has replaced Fedora Cloud in Fedora 25 which is a lightweight, immutable platform designed to run containerized applications. It uses the same package repositories as Fedora server and provides the latest versions of the Atomic. 

Fedora Server is a community sponsored server OS helping you to manage your system with Cockpit's powerful and modern interface, view and monitor system performance and status and deploy and manage container based services. It brings an enterprise-class scale-able database server powered with PostgreSQL.

You can read the complete release announcement on Fedora Website : 


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