Sunday 24 January 2016

How to reset password in Linux Mint

Recover Linux Mint Password
Linux Mint has grown to the one of the best Linux distributions and is highly user friendly. Instead of trying various things, the Mint developers are always polishing the OS in itself and it does provide one the best UI and ease to use Linux Distribution. However, sometimes the users often forgets the passwords and are unable to login to their Linux Mint system. There is not to worry much. By following simple steps, you can easily reset password in Linux Mint and keep on working in th Linux environment. If you have forgot your login/password in Linux Mint, you can easily reset your Linux Mint password.

Follow these steps to reset your password in Linux Mint.

Reboot your system and press the Shift key while your system starts. It will enable GNU GRUB2 menu for you. If you are dual booting with Windows, the screen where you are asked to choose the OS is the GRUB menu, so you are already there.

Select the Linux Mint option from where you login, and press e to edit.

You will see

linux /boot/vmlinuz-[kernel version]-generic root=UUID=[letters and numbers]\[letters and numbers] ro quiet splash vt.handoff=7

GRUB MENU screenshot

at the end of the screen. Navigate to the above line and replace ro quiet splash vt.handoff=7 with rw init = /bin/bash

Now, the line will look like 

linux /boot/vmlinuz-[kernel version]-generic root=UUID=[letters and numbers]\[letters and numbers] rw init=/bin/bash

Press F10 to boot your system. The system will boot in a password less boot shell. Type the following command in the terminal to reset your password:

passwd <username>

Linux Mint will ask your password for the username you just provided, and will confirm it.
GRUB MENU screenshot

Restart your system, and now you can easily login to your Linux Mint with the new username/ password. Remember that the changes you made above, you do not need to revert it back. Just restart the system when you are finished changing the password in your Linux Mint system.


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