Sunday 29 March 2015

An Open Source BitTorrent Client - Transmission for Linux

Transmission is an open source BitTorrent client that is widely used by Linux users. It is also the default torrent downloader in some of the Linux distributions and comes bundled with Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

Transmission BitTorrent Client for Linux features most of the properties you would expect from any torrent downloader like encryption, web interface, peer exchange, magnet links support, DHT, Universal Plus n Play, webseed support, watch directories, tracker editing, speed limiter, and more.

Unlike other free BitTorrent Clients, Transmission is free from any pop-up ads, flast ads and default toolbars that are bundled  with torrent clients. Transmission is free and open source, you can copy, modify, redistribute and do whatever you wish with it. Transmission is free software licensed under GNU General Public License.

Main Features of Transmission - BitTorrent Client.

  • Selective Queue and downloading - You can select which torrents and/or files to download first. 
  • Magnet links support.
  • Torrent file creation and encrypted peer connections 
  • Fast resume with peer catching and moving a torrent to a different folder when the download completes. 
  •  Scheduled bandwidth limits and global, per-torrent bandwidth caps. 
  • Filtering/Sorting options. 
  • Portable Universal Plus n Play version is available. 

Download Transmission - Open Source BitTorrent client for Linux

If you have Linux Mint or Ubuntu latest release, chances are that you already have Transmission BitTorrent Client. In case, you are using some other distribution, you can download it from the given download links:

Transmission BitTorrent Client Download

You can use terminal command:

$ apt-get install transmission

to install it on Debian / Debian- based Linux distributions.

Fedora users can use the yum command to install it:

$ yum install transmission

If you are using Transmission, we would like to hear your experience. Do Share with us in comment section - what you like and what not about Transmission.


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