Tuesday 15 July 2014

Brasero - Burn a CD in Linux Ubuntu

GUI programs are the easiest way to burn CD/DVD in Linux Ubuntu. Brasero is one such application that will ease your task of burning a CD/DVD for the GNOME desktop. Its an easy to use application program and is designed to be as simple as possible that enables users to create their discs easily and quickly. It is the default burning tool for GNOME desktop environments and is licensed under GNU GPL.
  • supports edition of discs contents (remove/move/rename files inside directories)
  • can burn data CD/DVD on the fly
  • automatic filtering for unwanted files (hidden files, broken/recursive symlinks etc)
  • supports multisession
  • can write the image to the hard drive
  • can check disc file integrity
Audio CD
  • write CD-TEXT information
  • supports the edition of CD-TEXT information
  • can burn audio CD on the fly
  • can use all audio files handled by Gstreamer local installation (ogg, flac, mp3, ...)
  • can search for audio files inside dropped folders
CD/DVD copy
  • can copy a CD/DVD to the hard drive
  • can copy CD and DVD on the fly
  • supports single-session data DVD
  • supports any kind of CD
  • erase CD/DVD
  • can save/load projects
  • can burn CD/DVD images and cue files
  • song, image and video previewer
  • a customisable GUI (when used with GDL) 
  • supports Drag and Drop / Cut'n'Paste from nautilus (and others apps)

You can install the CD burning application from the Ubuntu Software Center by searching "brasero" without quotes.
Alternatively, you can download releases here: http://download.gnome.org/sources/brasero/.

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