Sunday 1 April 2018

Manjaro Linux is cooler than ever!

Did I just notice something similar to 'blue screen of death' in my Linux system? Nope, its the Manjaro Linux homepage! In an attempt to 'celebrate' the April Fool's day, Manjaro Linux has made its homepage cooler than ever! 

It's like living the old days of computing and I was more than surprised. Take a look by yourself. 

If you don't trust me, visit the official website.

Looks like the theme is highly inspired by

Apart from the official website, when you head over to News section, you will find that Manjaro Linux is officially reintroducing the 32-bit support as more people are moving to old Atom netbooks in search of systems not vulnerable to Spectre-type attack. 

In a rather sarcastic way (allow me to call it, please), they thanks the ArchLinux32 community for investing huge amount of time and effort in keeping the old systems alive, since they know the only secure systems are 32-bit system. 

And, Manjaro promises a warm feeling of re-inventing your 15 year old system with the 32-bit Manjaro Linux, and prevents you from shelling out more than $3000 on the latest dodeca-core hexaRAM HyperHD laptop for just checking out the emails ;) 

And to add to it, the Download page only contains the link of 32-bit Manjaro Linux with XFCE desktop. 

We are eager to hear you, let us talk in the comments how awesome it is!


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